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The Internationale by RvBOMally The Internationale by RvBOMally
My flight is delayed and I have to spend the next three hours stuck at an airport. Might as well send this time in a worthwhile fashion. So, without further ado, my communism world. Apologies to Eugene Byrne & Kim Newman, George Orwell and these guys


A spectre is haunting the world - the spectre of communism. By 2008, it is the dominant form of socio-economic organization on the planet, its strains myriad, diverse and at each others' throats. From Leningrad to Debs, D.C, the workers (or, more accurately, their "representatives") rule the various socialist and communist states that jockey for power against each other, and the paranoid and militarized British Empire. 

It started in America and Russia, two of the largest countries in the world. Both nations fought alongside one another in the Entente, and both had fought in the war since 1914. Both suffered from terrible inequality, one that its leaders addressed only by shooting those who got too loud. It wasn't long before radicals took control of the opposition. Lenin in Russia, and Debs in the United States, first organized groups of workers and other laborers inspired by the writings of Karl Marx. As Russian and American society collapsed, the former through losses to Germany and the latter to economic collapse, Tsars and presidents resigned, to be replaced by weak men who could not suppress the coming revolution. 

The civil wars in both countries were violent and merciless. The Romanovs fled to Britain, while the American government fled to Cuba. Warlords, remnants of the old order, looted and pillaged the country before they, too, were destroyed by the new order. The UASR and USSR were born, two twin nations forged in blood and fire. As economic ruin spread, the revolution spread. The Spartakists in Germany overthrew the Kaiser and his government, as did their comrades in France, Spain, and Italy. Only the British were successful in averting revolution, and that was simply due to luck. With the entire world red, the British isolated themselves, seeking to preserve their empire at all costs. 

It wasn't long before the communists turned on themselves. Purges were orchestrated among the parties, and different factions rose to power in different nations. In America, the Christian faction under the leadership of Thomas J. Haggerty rose to power. Believing that Christ was the first communist, and that the workers' revolution will not succeed without God, Haggerty transformed the UASR from a secular republic into a theocratic dictatorship. Haggerty's brand of "compassionate, Christian communism" was not very compassionate. The irreligious and those that disagreed were believed to be foreign agents from rival communist states, and were unceremoniously shot. Haggerty's reign would continue until his death in the 1920s, when his disciple, Alphonse Capone, would continue Haggerty's policies and transform the UASR into an even more fanatical state. "Degenerates," such as those who practiced polyamorous relationships, drank alcohol, homosexuality and religions deemed to stray too far from Capone's vision of Christianity were arrested en masse and sent to work camps, at least if they were not powerful enough to avoid persecution. By Capone's own death in the late 1940s, the Communist Party of America was filled with fanatics, none of whom were willing to liberalize the country by any significant margin. In 2008, the UASR remains a theocracy, aligned with other powerful communist states. The Union of Arab Socialist Republics has merged Sharia law with old Soviet-style communism, while the Workers' Republic of Germany remains atheistic but is aligned with the UASR because they do believe in Satan: the Soviet Union. 

In the Soviet Union, a similar story played out. Joseph Stalin rose to the top in Leningrad, and reformed the Soviet Union in his own image. The "Red Tsar" was perhaps the most brutal of his colleagues, invading Eastern Europe, the Middle East and India to further expand his empire. His successor, Lavrentiy Beria, expanded upon Stalin's ideas and created something new and terrible from them. Calling his new project "Neo-Bolshevism," Beria sought to successfully integrate a new form of nationalism into the Soviet Union's platform. Continuing Stalin's program of mass deportations, but to an extraordinary degree, Beria sought to destroy the old nationalisms in the Soviet Union and replace them with a pan-Soviet identity. Those populations that were particularly vocal in their opposition to the Soviet system were sent to the most inhospitable places. Those that turned their actions into words were enslaved, with entire generations living and growing up in the "gulag archipelago" deep in Siberia, knowing not of any life outside of these labor camps. Inspired by the old Russian Orthodox Church and his American rivals, Beria also created a program of iconography, elevating Lenin, Stalin and himself to virtual godhood. The Soviet Union's allies, being large unions of diverse ethnicities, also employed a system of Neo-Bolshevism. The People's Union of Africa used mass deportation in conjunction with state-sanctioned warlordism to exert its control over the country, while the People's Republic of India sought to destroy its non-Hindu population through population transfers and a reimplementation of a reformed caste system. Although unaligned with the Soviet Union, the Democratic People's Republic of Brazil practices a form of communism similar to Neo-Bolshevism, moving rowdy minorities deep into the Amazon, which is being systematically destroyed by the Party's insatiable demand for raw materials. 

Opposing the Soviets and the Americans is the International Front. Unlike the Soviet and American blocs, the International Front is composed of more diverse communist nations united only in their hatred and fear of the UASR and USSR. Dominant among these is the Socialist Republic of China. Founded by Mao Zedong, who overthrew the Republic of China that had driven out the Japanese and later invaded Japan himself, the Socialist Republic of China is under the Maoist program. A fusion of Stalinism and Buddhism, Maoism's guiding principle is the obliteration of the self. The individual is nothing, his thoughts and actions but raindrops in the ocean that is the people's collective. Thus, each good Maoist is to destroy any thoughts of individual initiative within himself, instead obeying the commands of the state's leaders, who are the true guiding lights of the people. 

The Union of European Communes is a little different. Blanquism, the UEC's form of communism, is closer to Neo-Bolshevism. It glorifies Europe's history and heritage, seeing communism as but the final stage in Europe's historical progression. Indeed, Blanquism holds European culture to be superior to those of the rest of the world, and that only Europeans can really practice communism. This has led to systematic racism in the UEC, where non-Europeans are treated as little more than slaves. 

Standing apart from the communist world is the British Empire. Still under the Emergency Government, which has been in power since the failed revolution of 1921, the British Empire retains an iron grip on its colonies, which are retained with the aid of its remaining dominions. Autocratic and militaristic, the British Empire has isolated itself from the world, only doing business clandestinely through neutral communist states. The British occasionally threaten the world with nuclear annihilation, threats that are never taken very seriously as this would only end in the annihilation of the world's last non-communist states. Britain's allies are corrupt military dictatorships, the leftovers of either its own empire or those of its fallen member empires. South Africa and the other former British colonies in Africa have taken in a large group of European and American refugees, bolstering the white, anti-communist population and keeping the white supremacist system there alive and able to face off against the threat of communism. 
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epileptictrees Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
How the hell did Al Capone turn from a supporter of alcohol into an ardent Prohibitionist? 
RvBOMally Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
He was never a supporter of alcohol ITTL.
epileptictrees Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
In Soviet World Al Capone supports Prohibition.
AHPLUSEVERYTHINHG Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
I know you have a lot of maps you are planning to make but would you or anyone you know make a map of the movie Edge of Tomorrow?
RvBOMally Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
I'll have to watch it first. 
Eluxivo Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
watch it-its worth it, it may not be Oscar material but it certainly has some interesting ideas, i also suggest reading the "all you need is kill" novel from which is based on just for the sake of comparison.

tough if you were ever to do something involving constant time-travel i personally would prefer you doing it as an original world like i don't know maybe multiple factions constantly going terminator on multiple john connor expy's or whatever would be your personal take on such premise.
RvBOMally Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
Time travel's gonna make this a hell of a lot more complicated. I'm a believer in the many worlds theory when it comes to time travel, so I'd have to think of several different timelines when writing out the story. 
TLhikan Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
"Workers of the World, Unite against the other Workers of the World who are Uniting!"
RvBOMally Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
Isn't fanaticism a beautiful thing? 
YRPOtaku169 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Student Writer
How did Australia go Red?
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