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April 29, 2013
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For Truth, Justice and the Master Race by RvBOMally For Truth, Justice and the Master Race by RvBOMally
A redo of the Supervillain World scenario map: [link]. I haven't changed the scenario text, but I am reposting it here for those who are unfamiliar with the original scenario.


During the eighteenth century, the time of the ancient Asgardian race was over. The dark gods of the Void, to whom the Asgardians sold their souls to in exchange for godlike powers over the puny human race, had come to collect. In desperation, an Asgardian couple send their son to the Earth so that he may escape the death of his race. This child finally arrives at the the turn of the twentieth century, landing on the farm of the Kempf family in rural Bavaria. The Kempfs adopted the human-looking child as one of their own.

Klaus Kempf grew up in a kind, patriotic household and loved his "parents" dearly. However, things would take a turn for the worst when Klaus' father dies in the trenches of the Great War. Distraught, his mother turns to alcohol and eventually took her own life. Orphaned, Klaus wandered around Munich looking for work. He began to resent the Allied powers for killing his father and humiliating Germany with the Treaty of Versailles. By chance, he stumbled into a bar where he heard a passionate Austrian corporal speak about Germany's troubles.

A well-built man and a stunning example of the Aryan race, Klaus became another thug of Adolf Hitler's National Socialist German Workers' Party. He began to discover his otherworldly powers during the failed Beer Hall Putsch, when the bullets fired by government troops bounced off of him. Still, he was overwhelmed by the soldiers and arrested. He was eventually released in 1931 and went back to work for his Führer.

In the street brawls against the enemies of the Nazi Party, Klaus truly began to tap into his superpowers. Whenever he felt angry or proud, he was capable of feats of strength no other man would be able to accomplish. He was nicknamed the Übermensch by his comrades and his amazing feats would eventually catch the eye of Hitler. Hitler saw Klaus as a gift from the gods, one that proved his vision. He ordered Klaus to explore the limits of his powers; during this phase, Klaus learned he could fly, shoot heat rays out of his eyes, and was impervious to small arms fire. After seizing power in 1933, Hitler made the Übermensch his personal bodyguard, never leaving without him. After the Night of the Long Knives, Klaus replaced Ernst Röhm as head of the SA.

Nazi propaganda immediately painted the Übermensch as the embodiment of the master race: a man faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The Übermensch's abilities were finally tested during the German invasion of Poland in 1939, where he decimated Polish tanks and infantry and helped the Germans secure the country within weeks. The world was horrified and awed by Germany's successes, but they all had answers to this new Germanic hero.

In the USSR, a highly-advanced spacecraft of unknown origin that crashed in Tunguska was finally being understood. Soviet scientists successfully replicated the ship's nanorobotic factories and artificial intelligence systems, allowing the Soviets to create mindless robotic soldiers by the millions. While these machines were mostly unsophisticated and cheap, the ship's other technologies were used to create new weapons for the Red Army. These electolaser systems were lightweight and yet could gut enemy armor with ease. Unbeknownst to the Soviets, the Japanese Empire has also acquired alien technology: the Tunguska craft's medical pod. This gave the Japanese a high boost in their bioweapons program, while studying artificial intelligence for their own purposes.

The United States and United Kingdom would have no such luck. However, they did have the gift of the brilliant Tony Weyland. Weyland Enterprises was the premier Anglo-American weapons manufacturing corporation, thanks to the scientific and financial genius of Tony Weyland himself. Asked by both Roosevelt and Churchill to aid the war effort (and paid gratuitously), Weyland Enterprises developed three key technologies. The first was super-soldier serum: a chemical cocktail that could turn any soldier into a perfect specimen of mankind. Secondly was powered armor, which allowed soldiers on the field to shrug off small arms fire and bring heavy weapons to bear on enemy troops. The third was the atomic bomb, developed in 1945 and used in an unsuccessful attempt to end the war.

Although the Wehrmacht had many glorious successes early on in the war, the industrial and numerical advantage of the Allies offset the advantage granted by the Übermensch, Slowly but surely, the Germans were pushed back, until France itself was invaded by the Western Allies on June 6, 1944. Hitler redirected the Übermensch to fight in the reopened Western Front. Power armored supersoldiers were no match for the Übermensch individually, but he could not fight an army of them. Defeated, the Übermensch went back to Berlin to report to Hitler personally. It was during this meeting with the Führer that the dark gods arrived on Earth to consume the last son of Asgard. As the Übermensch writhed in pain before Hitler, the Führer decided to strike a deal with the abominations. If Klaus was spared and he were granted power, he would sacrifice the souls of the entire human race to them. The gods accepted. They possessed Hitler and took direct command of the Third Reich. Throughout Europe, the dark gods raised the dead of both sides to attack the Allies. Maleficent energies ran through Axis-occupied territory and drove millions mad through visions of unspeakable horror. A nuclear attack on a German army in the Ardennes only created what are now known as geists: spirit-like entities composed of the irradiated ashes of German soldiers.

When it was made clear that these monsters were under German control, the Allies accepted a conditional peace. France and southern Italy were to regain their independence as democratic countries. The eastern border with the USSR was to be the one before Operation Barbarossa (with the exception of Romania). In the Far East, the technological terrors of the Japanese military allowed them to survive as well.

By 2011, the world is a multipolar battlefield, as it has been since the 1960s. The Western Allies went their separate ways after the war. Weyland Enterprises eventually took de facto control of the American government when Lester Weyland won the presidential election of 1960. The American government is merely an extension of Weyland Enterprises, which has a virtual monopoly over the entire United States economy. Many Weyland executives run countries in the Alliance of Democratic States like slave masters. MI6, Britain's intelligence agency, executed a covert coup after the Martian invasion and is a police run by the enigmatic Agent 001. South Africa broke away from the Commonwealth of Nations after supporting Nigerian secessionists against the British. The French, feeling that the Americans and British were not doing enough against the Germans to their east, took matters into their own hands and founded the European Union. This union is equal only on paper, and is nothing more than a French empire. It is notorious for its African adventures, moves painted by most of the "free" world as neocolonialism.

China fell to communism thanks to a Soviet invasion in 1948, but eventually became separate from the Soviet-led Comintern. The USSR is run by hardline Stalinists who occasionally threaten to destroy the world. It is rumored that the Soviets found some ancient horror in the South Pacific that it keeps locked away in the Ukraine, giving some credibility to these hyperbolic threats.

The old Axis powers, no longer needing each other, grew separately. The Third Reich is still ruled by a possessed Adolf Hitler, and is waging an eternal war against the Soviet automotons at the border. The Übermensch acts as the ever-vigilant enforcer of truth, justice and the master race. The Japanese have continued to develop their technology and have become one of the most technologically advanced societies on the planet. A series of advanced artificial intelligences, modeled after the past emperors of Japan, runs the country in what is increasingly becoming less of a figurehead role.

In addition to the various great powers, there are more threats to mankind's continued existence. The Martian invasion of 1958 galvanized mankind under one banner momentarily, but the different great powers soon broke off after the Martians were sent back to their homeworld. Plans to invade Mars in the 1960s were scrapped when the humans couldn't agree on a plan. Other aliens, both from outer space and beyond the native dimension, have tried their hand at invasion but have also been repelled. Non-state actors, such as the enigmatic GHOST organization and other terrorist groups, also threaten the world with either destruction or conquest on a regular basis.
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DrNietzsche Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
Project Koschei is slumbering in some dread sarcophagus in Chernobyl, isn't it?
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Indonesia is Japan's Ally?
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The Japanese succeeded in establishing a friendly government ITTL. 
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