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We all know that Warhammer 40K started out as Warhammer in Space, but what if GW stuck with that and made the parallels even greater? What if every WHFB faction got their own analogue in the 40K universe? What would such a game look like? Here are my ideas, feel free to suggest your own in the comments: 


Imperium of Man - The rather obvious faction, this Imperium is nowhere near as large or powerful as the 40K Imperium. It only owns what would be the Segmentum Solar in 40K, but is still governed along feudal lines. Thematically, the Imperium is far more Germanic than the canon Imperium; standard Imperial Guard look more like Wehrmacht than generic moderns, for example. They also have a bit of a Renaissance theme, not unlike the canon Mechanicus. The Imperium is doing far better than the canon one, being a bit more technologically advanced and having a higher standard of living. The first emperor is space Sigmar; in fact, he's named Sigmar. However, instead of dying and being interred in the Golden Throne, after uniting the systems of what would become the Imperium Sigmar goes off to talk to the squats, and is never seen alive again. He becomes worshiped as a god afterwards, leading to the sort of theocratic nastiness we expect from 40K. Most importantly, there are no Space Marines in this Imperium. The Imperial Guard take center stage in the military, but we do see Space Marines, but they're in the....

Union of Bretonnia - One of the new players in this new 40K, Bretonnia inherits quite a bit from the canon Imperium. First of all, Space Marines. Yes, Space Marines take the place of Bretonnia's knights. They can even have the same chapters and all that, only they're all part of a separate human empire. The Space Marines have a blood grudge against the forces of Chaos, and will stop at nothing to defend all of mankind from a Chaos incursion, even if it means a ceasefire with another foe. Of course, these Space Marines aren't just killing machines - they also make up the leadership and government of Bretonnia, so when they aren't killing people, they're managing their chapter's holdings. And the peasants. Yeah, about them - much of Bretonnia is living in a medieval state, which the Bretonnians believe is good for recruiting hardy warriors. There are very few technologically advanced worlds, and those are hive worlds which produce most of what Bretonnia uses in its wars. Oh, and they also have a technophobic streak. Bretonnians don't like ranged warfare, and while they do have bolters and the like, eschew more advanced weapons like energy weapons or railguns. They do have great powered armor, and can cleave through Imperial Guard with ease. It's just too bad the Guard has ten more men for every one the Marines kill. ;)

Machine Counts - The Vampire Counts faction, but also somewhat taking the role of the Adeptus Mechanicus from 40K. The Machine Counts are practically a separate human empire (although they are technically part of the Imperium, no Imperials are ever going to ask the Machine Counts to do anything they don't already want to), and are far more dedicated to cybernetic enhancement than the OTL Mechanicus. They have some very strange and esoteric technology, and have a Gothic horror theme to them (heavy "Frankenstein" troops, their main weapons are Tesla coils). Their primary troops are the corpses of their dead subjects and foes, enhanced with machinery to allow them to fight once more. Their leadership, the titular Machine Counts, are almost all robot. They are separated into various "Forge Houses," which have different schticks and fight each other.

Squats - Of course these guys had to show up. As would be expected, they are more or less space dwarfs - they live deep in asteroid mines, and rarely leave except to take revenge from some very small slight. They do have a Book of Grudges (well, an interstellar website of grudges). The squats are abhumans, but since most humans consider them a stable abhuman mutation, they're fine, and sometimes align with the Imperium in their wars. Notably, they are also blanks, and cannot use the powers of the Warp. Also, they're Scottish, because why not?

Kislev People's Republic - Rather obvious Soviet expies, complete with commissars shooting retreating troops and human wave attacks. Think the Valhallans from canon 40K, with even more Stalinism and North Korea thrown in for good measure. 

Cathay Empire - The big human faction, and somewhat serving as the ersatz-Tau. These guys put this timeline's Imperium to shame, and dominate most of what in canon is the Ultima Segmentum. They are actually a remnant of humanity's empire in the Dark Age of Technology, and while they aren't as powerful as DAoT mankind, they are still doing better than just about everyone else. Thematically, Cathay is basically China, but is a good mix of both ancient China and the People's Republic of China. They are a very advanced society, far more advanced than the Imperium, and are kinda Star Trekky with their focus on pseudo-Confucian philosophy. Their weapons, which are primarily energy-based, are extremely powerful and very effective at range, and they field combat automatons alongside their human conscripts. These guys could conquer the galaxy...if they wanted to. Really, they just want to be left alone, and they mostly just fight Chaos incursions.

Kingdom of Ind - A rising power bordering Cathay and the Eye of Terror, Ind serves as a buffer state for Cathay. However, its relationship with Chaos is interesting, being one of the few societies that tolerate open Chaos worship. This has led to great inertia within Ind's politics, as they can side with neither the forces of Chaos nor humanity fully. Army-wise, they are a bit like the Imperial Guard, but even more infantry-oriented.

Kingdom of Araby - More or less akin to the Islamic Golden Age in Space! Space Baghdad is a glistening jewel of humanity dating back from the Dark Age of Technology, not some grungy hive world filled with roadside bombs. The most notable asset Araby has are the djinn - surviving AIs from the Dark Age of Technology, that often operate their war machines. This is seen by the Bretonnians as tech-heresy, so they are often at war with one another.

Kingdom of Estalia - Rogue Trader central. The Estalians aren't really a military power, but instead explore the galaxy (and, some rumor, beyond) for all of mankind. Well, they do it for money, but they like to think they are spreading the light of humanity to the darkest corners of the Milky Way.

Confederation of Tilea - THIS. IS. TILEA! They're basically Spartan expies, or a less advanced Bretonnia. Heck, maybe they can be a more militaristic UNSC from Halo, because Spartan puns.

Ogryn Kingdoms - Like canon 40K, the ogryns are the descendants of prisoners on high-gravity prison worlds. Now, they've managed to break out and take control of the old guards' technology, allowing them to run around the galaxy causing trouble. Culturally, they're expies of various criminal organizations, from Italian mafioso to Los Angeles gangbangers.


Nothing much changes here, except that there are now a few notable star empires worshiping the Ruinous Powers, and that the Eye of Terror is now in the center of the galaxy. The Eye was made not by the Birth of Slaanesh, but by an Old One experiment gone wrong.

Chaos Space Marines - More or less the same as in canon, but their origin has changed. The CSMs aren't traitors that betrayed the Imperium, but instead developed independently by the Chaos-worshiping star empires surrounding the Eye of Terror.

Chaos Daemons - Pretty much the same as canon.

Chaos Squats - Of course we have to give these guys some love. Same deal as regular squats, only they have genetically modified themselves to have a Warp signature. They have a crazy Babylonian theme, too, because that's cool.

Beastmen - Effectively expies of Firefly's reavers and Starcraft's Terrans. Long ago, the Imperium had the bright idea of exiling all of their mutants to the galactic core, instead of killing them on sight. This led to the mutants getting scooped up by the Forces of Chaos, and have become a crucial part of Chaos' incursions into human space. These beastmen aren't as anti-civilization as the WHFB beastmen, because they do need to keep their ships intact, but they tend to just steal starships and weapons instead of making them. They also like to do things like operate ships without radiation shielding because, hey, they 're already mutants, and torture anyone they capture and forcibly inject them with various mutagens to turn them into beastmen. They also have a redneck theme because incest jokes.


Eldar - Not many changes here. The Craftworld Eldar analogue is now the Crownworld Eldar, centered on the remnant of the Eldar Empire (where the Eye of Terror is in canon), and have a decidedly modern American theme, particularly by intervening in wars that they have no business intervening in. So yeah, they're out for the good of the galaxy, but they're rather smug about it. The Dark Eldar are more or less the same, only they control worlds in the Milky Way proper instead of just a part of the Webway. The Wood Elves analogue are secretly running the show in Bretonnia, and have a technophobic streak that makes the SW Legends Vong look like the Mechanicus. Of course, they use biotechnology to get around this. They also act like massive dicks, manipulating galactic events to save their own hides at the massive expense of everyone else, not unlike the canon Craftworld Eldar.

Orks - Again, nothing much changes. Dakka-obsessed football hooligans are fun! However, they do get some changes, such as gretchin being a far larger part of the Ork armies and society, and trolls exist as part of Orkoid ecosystems.

Necrons - While visually the same as Newcrons, the Necrons don't have that "exterminate all life" schtick, nor do they have any particular animosity toward the Old Ones or Chaos. Indeed, they are limited to a small slice of the galaxy, and would rather just be left alone. However, they will go after anyone who tries to steal things from their tombs.

Skaven - Effectively a replacement for the Tyranids, having a similar swarm theme. Their units even look like Nids, only furry and rat-like, with some worm thrown in. The Skaven are "ultra-xenos," in that they are not even from this universe. They originate from a parallel universe, beyond the Warp, where the Skaven have taken over the entire Milky Way, and now they're looking for another Milky Way to take over. This allows Skaven armies to show up practically anywhere. They also have weird, parallel-universe tech that is not very stable in this universe; they actually malfunction more of ten than they work, but when they work....

Lizardmen - The genetically engineered descendants of the Old Ones, the Lizardmen themselves aren't Old Ones, but worship them as gods and have rather strange religious beliefs when they misinterpret the nonsense that the Old Ones left behind. They do have insane technology (that they don't really understand), and have the anti-Chaos schtick that the Necrons have lost. They still have their Mesoamerican theme, only science fictiony (watch Ancient Aliens or play Rise of Legends to get an idea of what that's like). The Eye of Terror was a result of the Old Ones playing around with the Warp, and now they want to do everything in their power to stop Chaos. Right now, that plan has moved on to "kill everything." Oh, and they have dinosaurs. Laser-toting dinosaurs. Think about that for a second. 


Who's interested in a Space Cadet game mod? Does anyone out there have experience with 3D modeling? 
Read my interview with Mitro on the Alternate History Weekly Update! alternatehistoryweeklyupdate.b…
A May 4th challenge - a "mirror" Star Wars Original Trilogy that isn't just a repeat of the Clone Wars.
Friendly reminder: good things come to those who poke around scrapbooks. ;)
Hoping for a Pacquiao win. Not because I care about boxing, but because that sort of nationalism is still acceptable. :p


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HeliosMegistos Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I'm brainstorming for a horrifically cute and cuddly seeming nightmare where Barney took over North America in the Purple Holocast and chaos broke our across the rest of the world as various childrens cartoons and such came to life and wreaked havok.

In the Aftermath Barney still rules North America but is locked in an eternal war with the Land of Sunshine and Meadows ruled by Lord Tinky Winky! and the Telle Tubbies.

Anyway to the point, do you have any suggestions that could help me make the best out of my first attempt at a nightmare world ?
RvBOMally Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Read creepypasta on the topic. 
HeliosMegistos Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Creepypasta ?
RvBOMally Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Look up the creepy pasta wiki.
KnightofLiberty Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant
What would unfold if the Coalition encountered the Terran Empire from the mirror universe? Compete annihilation?
RvBOMally Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I'm unfamiliar with the Terran Empire's military capabilities. 
KnightofLiberty Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  New Deviant
The Terran Empire, as you my already know a mirror counterpart to the Federation. The Empire itself tech level depends on what century, although it fell to the Klingons and Cardassians in the 24 century.

So for this scenario, let's say late 22nd Century. The Empire has the capability to beam on starships, warp and have weapons that vaporize like the prime universe. Their officers rise up threw assassination of superiors who disobey the rules given by Imperial Starfleet Command. They seem extreme weak compared to the military might of the Coalition of Western Republics.
RvBOMally Featured By Owner 6 days ago
The Coalition's style of warfare is far longer range than that of Trek factions, so they may very well win.
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KnightofLiberty Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015  New Deviant
Is the New Roman Republic officially destroyed?
RvBOMally Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
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