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I've been steadily working on my paleo-futures, but I am still missing a couple of eras for "punkification." I'm eager for feedback on my suggestions, and I'm open to suggestions of other eras (so long as they don't overlap with what I already have). 

The Great War - A 1910s-punk, the Great War is still raging in that far future year of 2015. The Western Front has become a de facto physical border, while the East has become a mess of offensives and counteroffensives. Lettow-Vorbeck's German forces (actually, their sons by African mothers) are still harassing the Entente in Africa. The Bolsheviks tried a revolution but were forced out of the cities by the Tsarists and into the Caucasus, where they have their own weird society. The United States remains neutral, and will sink any ship (Entente or Central Powers) that dares to come near its shores and ships. 

We're In the Money - A 1920s-punk, the Roaring Twenties never ends. An Objectivist United States serves as a counterbalance to the Soviet Union, and while the two of them fight proxy wars across the world, their cosmopolitan cultures aren't so different from one another. The Entente stands victorious in Europe, their governments in a very strong, technocratic alliance. It's just too bad about Germany, which is still an impoverished state in political shambles that still owes reparations for its role in the Great War. That is still better than China's fate, as that state has been "permanently" fractured between rival warlords. 

Dustbowl - A 1930s-punk, but you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for Mad Max. The Great Depression only ended with a world war and many civil wars that eroded civil order around the world. The Dust Bowl has become a global phenomenon, causing mass starvation around the world. The rural areas are deserts filled with raiders, and cities are forced to rely on unconventional means (like soylent green) for food. The United States is fractured, with many different governments claiming to be the legitimate American government. Places like Spain and many African colonies are in total shambles, run by warlords of varying insanity. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union remain stable, but only because they have cut themselves off from the outside world and have resorted to draconian means to keep their society going. 

War Never Changes - A 1950s-punk, just my take on Fallout pre-War. I may make my own 50s-punk afterwards.


The Man in the High Castle is out, so check out my Axis victory scenarios in this gallery:…
One of my favorite cartographers is now on deviantArt! Be sure to check out his stuff, and watch his profile if you like what you see! castlegreifenghast.deviantart.…
Who's interested in a Space Cadet game mod? Does anyone out there have experience with 3D modeling? 
Read my interview with Mitro on the Alternate History Weekly Update! alternatehistoryweeklyupdate.b…
A May 4th challenge - a "mirror" Star Wars Original Trilogy that isn't just a repeat of the Clone Wars.


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ShaneSookraj Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
Thanks for the watch.
iAmaNewb Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2015
Hello again! I want to ask you about the world map template you use for your alternate history scenarios and where you got them from.
KnightofLiberty Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015
Question, when considering naming the "Coalition of Western Republics" did you have other names for the American successor faction?
RvBOMally Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015
Not really.
KnightofLiberty Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015
I think it's an interesting title, sounds powerful.
RvBOMally Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015
I modeled the name after that of the USSR.
Void-Wolf Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  Student General Artist
Happy Halloween! I imagine the Starhammer thing will be your Halloween map?

Speaking of, here's a tribute to your map, Monster Mash!

A Gothic Globe
RvBOMally Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015
Starhammer isn't the Halloween map. 

I'll check out your map later. I'm working on mine right now. 
epileptictrees Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015
May I inquire on what software do you use for your maps? And where could they be found
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