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I've been avoiding making scenarios based on WWII because it's a cliche-storm, but here are a few ideas I've had. I haven't managed to totally avoid the cliches, and these scenarios do take a lot from previous works, but I think I can provide enough of a twist to them to make them worth making. As dystopia is my forte, these will all involve OTL's best representative of grimdark, the Nazis. 

Endsieg - My take on the post-apocalyptic Axis victory scenarios. This time, instead of debating how Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan developed, I choose every option and have their shattered empires develop in different ways. And, of course, gratuitous servings of Weird War elements. The feudal, genetically-modified Himmlerites of Burgundy face off against the undead legions from the irradiated and damned heartland of the old Reich. A revived shogunate and their samurai endeavor to maintain control of their Chinese and American territories, while being attacked by IJN and IJA warlords using leftover WWII weaponry to keep on fighting WWIII. And of course, on the dark side of the Moon and deep in the Mariana Trench, the remnants of the German and Japanese governments plan their triumphant return. 

The New Order - A 1940s-punk scenario. In the 2040s, World War II burns on, or rather its embers still glow in the darkness. The Eurasian continent is under the domination of the Third Reich, although Germania's hold beyond the Urals and Caucasus is very tenuous. The Japanese Empire has fallen, consumed by Germany's newly-industrialized wartime ally, Nationalist China. Both factions fight one another in Central Asia and resist the United States of the Americas, a pseudo-monarchy under the Roosevelt family, who support the bloodthirsty Free European guerrillas in Africa and occasionally launch ballistic missiles at occupied Europe from their base in what the Americans refer to as Airstrip One. 

Under the Jackboot - A fascist world, where most major fascist movements have succeeded. As Europe is divided against itself, these divisions occasionally breaking out into outright warfare, the American Union and Imperial Japan fight proxy wars around the Pacific and South America. Still not too sure about how to organize this one, so I'm open to ideas, but I'm fairly confident that the Nazis won't be dominating Europe this time around, but would be one of many batshit states in Europe. 

A Very British Civil War - Based on the tabletop RPG of the same name, a world where King Edward VIII does not abdicate and does such improper things as marry a divorcee and appointing Oswald Mosley of the British Union of Fascists as his Prime Minister. This scenario focuses on the aftermath: Britain remains a fascist state under the dominance of the Greater German Reich, which was instrumental in allowing the King and the BUF to triumph in the British Civil War. The United States (which did not enter the war against Germany directly) and a rump Soviet Union, backers of the defeated British governments, continue to contest German domination of continental Europe and support the governments-in-exile scattered around the world. 

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Had some miscellaneous thoughts:

-Jam-packed tone timeline: Grimdark, Noblebright, Nobledark, and Grimbright all in one world.

-A surveillance state with strong enough checks that the surveillance apparatus actually does provide safety with minimal intrusions on freedom.

-Anarchist World: Ukranian Free State? CNT-FAI? Paris Commune? Freetowns, Utopian Socialist Factories, Syndicalist Communes and all the rest? These and many more get indescribably lucky as a timeline forms where "Communism" is a word that retains its anti-statist connotations well into the modern day and a political philosophy strangled in its crib OTL gets a heyday. After a while, a certain Miss Rand might just give an unexpected interpretation of what abandoning the state really means...

-Corruption World: Phazon! Tiberium! Creeper! Grey Goo! Humans trying to survive the competing xenoforming agents fighting over what Earth should become! Exhumans proclaiming the glory of their chosen agent! Sneering rich people on a space station that is totally not Elysium!

-Nyarlathotep's Day Off: The Stars are Right! Well, uh, not exactly, but our friend the Crawling Chaos is here to undo all humanity in a heartbea- Also not really right. Nyarlathotep is totally here, openly, but isn't really interesting in....DESTROYING humanity. Where would he get his entertainment then? The Mi-go? You're kidding me, right? No, nobody is as fun to mess with as humanity, and Ny-Ny's been bored as hell this last epoch. Of course, an Outer God's idea of fun isn't exactly fun for anybody else, but when our eldritch host lets slip that he might use some of his reality-breaking power to delay Dread Cthulhu's awakening for a few million more years if we put on a good enough show for him...
All great ideas! 

- What do those terms mean? I'm familiar with grimdark and noblebright, but what about the mixtures? Maybe add a sugarbowl in there that's only maintained that way thanks to Brave New World-esque systems and ignoring the chaos outside. 

- I had a similar idea going the other way: Ignorance is Strength. The Big Three of 1984 go the way of China, and the Ministry of Love and its counterparts become little more than reality TV producers and private detectives for rich proles who think their spouses are cheating on them. 

As to your idea, it looks the the easiest way to do this is with AIs and the Internet. 

- I've had two similar ideas along these lines: 

1. The Internationale: the mirror twin of Marketplace, a world where communism reigns supreme. Naturally, communism's greatest monsters make their appearances, and your nice somewhat democratic states are puppets of massive totalitarian empires. 

Actually, I may do more "ideology" worlds. I already have democracy (Pax America) and monarchy (Long Live the King), so fascism may be up next. 

2. Pick Your Poison: A world where every major ideology (including more single-issue ones like environmentalism and feminism) has a state. Anarchism in particular comes up in its various flavors, including Mad Max. Again, dystopias galore, and they're pitted against each other. 

As to your idea, I really like it, although it would definitely take the ironic route of anarchists running militarist, authoritarian states because they cannot get along. To further add to the fun, neo-anarchists who are trying to overthrow the "anarchist" order. 

- A unique idea, I'm kinda ashamed not to have thought of it. Would Chaos corruption and your bog-standard locust aliens count? I suppose that's up to me. :p Speaking of locusts, I think I'll throw in Imulsion from Gears of War, too.

- Hm...the transformation of the human race into something that could actually survive a Mythos setting? Lots of potential here. 

Unfortunately, finals are coming up, so these will have to wait until summer. I think Warhammer 2K is the last scenario I can make before then. 
QB answered what Grimbright and Nobledark are fairly well. Essentially, it takes the four elements and makes them into a 3x3 ala D&D alignments, except referring to setting tone instead of character tone.

Grim=People are terrible.

Noble=People are awesome.

Dark=The world is terrible.

Bright=The world is great.

Grimdark you know very...intimately. Just swirling the drain.

Grimneutral is your average ragging on the masses work. The world isn't good or bad, we're the ones who are bad. This is usually how cynics perceive the world.

Grimbright is fairly well represented by fey or court intrigue scenarios. Everything is shiny and cool (either as a veneer or even genuinely), but the people are terrible and will eagerly drop their facade of civility to burn your children alive for any reason.

Noblebright you know as well. Adventure, light, and human spirit.

Nobleneutral would be the opposite of Grimnetural. Humans aren't bad when you get down to the truth of it all. More modest than the high adventure of Noblebright. This is usually how optimists perceive the world.

Nobledark is the "dying of the light" scenario. It's probably the end. If we don't all die immediately it might just be a slow burn. It will take indescribable sacrifice and perseverance to have even a snowball's chance. But even the man who has nothing can still have hope.

Neutralbright is an environmentalist spiel. The world is a wonderful place, but people can be either good or evil.

Neutraldark, on the other hand, is survivalism. The world is trying to kill you. You could be anybody all the same.

-Chaos corruption and Imulsion would both work, though the latter isn't very proactive compared to the others. Locust aliens less so, though the Red Weed from World of the Wars would fit.

-The idea is less that humanity is going Full Lovecraft than Ny-Ny wants to be entertained. He's going to do his thing, and we have the incentive to be interesting for him in that if we can actually do something he finds amusing he'll seal Cthulhu away (a few million years might not seem like much to Ny-Ny, but ya-know, differing perspectives). Cthulhu is a bit more of a pressing threat than Ny-Ny, since the former will destroy all humanity soon and the latter will probably only destroy part of humanity before wandering off (and vaguely wants to not wipe us out entirely since he enjoys messing with our civilizations).
Adding the neutrals makes this even more interesting. Hm, I'm going to have to stop myself from writing this right now. :p

- Whoops, I meant the Lambent. Heh, I'm tired. Red Weed is a must, and I may look around TV Tropes for other "corrupting" influences (y'know, apart from money and power; there's plenty of that IOTL :p).

- Ah, so trolling, Mythos style? Hm.... Plenty of trickster archetypes in mythology around the world, I think those would be a good source for material. 
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Internationale-world from the Alternate History Travel Guides had a number of working/relatively civilized socialist states, IIRC...but grimdark is your flavor. :)

According to this site…

Grimbright is where everything looks cheerful and beautiful and exciting, but immediately below the surface contains danger and peril. It is a world that is both enticing and depressing, where anything is possible, but everything is ultimately futile.

It's this land full of wonders, right? Beautiful forests, amazing creatures. Bright colors all around.

But you have fomorians lurking underground, ready to enslave those who venture too far or too deep.

That beautiful flower you see could just as well be a man-eating dryad.

The lands are ruled by a court of fey, elves, eladrin, gnomes, etc, who are known to be fickle and hard to please, and the alternative to pleasing is likely death or worse.

It's not quite a "twisted" landscape like American McGee's Alice, which is grimdark in comparison.

It's more... grimbright.

 Nobledark is where the universe seems to be closing in on you, but rather than things being impossible like 40k, the resistance movement DOES have a fighting chance, albeit with the loss of many lives. There are heroes, but it is not an easy fight to wage against everything - yet it is possible.

The world is a truly horrible place, but through faith and fire it may be cleansed. The peopel of this world are generally good ,and will strive to fight against the darkness. They cannot beat it, but so long as they fight they hold it at bay, and earn another day of peace for the world
Hm, perhaps instead of an alternate history scenario, a straight constructed world would work better for this multi-themed world? Different magical schema could serve to justify the different "moods." If it doesn't ruin the dynamic, maybe some "magic" vs "science" (the distinction being aesthetic and little else). A crapsaccharine magical setting akin to (but not exactly like) the "twisted fairy tale" genre going up against "this was their finest hour" dieselpunk ersatz-Allies has a lot of potential, and of course we have our standard fantasy humans (maybe with an ancient theme to make them more unique?) and a carbon copy of the DPRK in the mix as well. I do have plenty of worlda-compatible base maps that need to get some use. 
Your AAPA inspired me imagine the disturbing probability of Space Draka: A group white-supremacists who colonize a planet far, far away from Earth, and whose fanaticism fueled a drive to build star-spanning empires. They would have a religious fixation on conquering the rest of humanity, and would be enslaving or exterminating any sentient alien they come across. They probably wouldn't be a unified group, with American and Boer ultranationalists clashing with Nazis and other fascists and fundamentalist Christians clashing with atheists and even Nordic neo-pagans.
Now there's an idea. I have another sci-fi setting in the works, and the idea for space Draka is definitely a good one. 
Here is the base map. :) (Smile)  Link:Base Map
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